How to Find LSI Keywords and Deploy them?


Are you wondering what an LSI keyword is? Have you heard this term a lot in the context of SEO and want to know what it is? Simply put, LSI keywords are the semantically related keywords for the main keyword which you are searching for. This is done by Google with the help of Latent Semantic Indexing. You might have seen how Google identifies the synonyms in SERPs while giving search results. For instance, if you type “picture size for ps” then the results would also have terms like “image” and “photo” besides “picture”.

LSI keyword example


Now, “ps” can have a lot of different meanings. It could be PlayStation or photoshop. But since the word ps is preceded by “picture”, Google will now look for the content that has both these keywords and then display the relevant results. This exactly is the Lsi meaning. In this instance, ps is a semantically related keyword to the term “image”. Since Google considers the semantic keywords that typically accompany the base keyword, it is wise to include the semantic keywords or synonyms of the main keyword in your content to boost your rankings. 


Why do you need LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords play an important role in SEO rankings as they help the search engine analyze your content while identifying other terms that could be related to your primary keyword. Search engines like Google want to understand the context in which the content is written. Semantics (the study of finding meaning in a language) is a significant part of this approach. With the help of LSI keywords, Google can gauge the meaning of your content. Therefore, knowing how to find and use LSI keywords is crucial for any business. It also augments writing intent-based articles which can boost the ranking faster than traditional keywords. Now that you know what are lsi keywords, you might be wondering how to find them. Let’s take a look. 


How to Find LSI Keywords? (Includes FREE tools)

There are various ways in which you can find LSI keywords. One of the simplest ways is through Google search. While looking something up on Google, you can have seen the suggestions below as you type. These suggestions can be used as LSI keywords. Likewise, the related searches that are shown at the bottom of a SERP can also be used. Let us explore the best ways for finding LSI keywords. 


Do competitor research 

Even before you start writing content for your website, it is essential to do thorough competitor research related to your content topic. This will help you understand the topics which you can cover in your blog/article along with the keywords that you should be using. Let’s say that you have chosen a certain topic. Now you can type out the topic you have chosen on Google and go through the links of competitors for your particular topic. You can use the keywords used by your competitors as lsi to get traffic out of them as well. 


Use Google suggest  

As said before, Google search gives you search related terms at the very bottom of the result page when you type in a given query.

Just go ahead and put the main keyword in Google and it will give you the related keywords for your search. For instance, I have used the “Bodybuilding” as the main keyword and searched for the result. I got the related keyword suggestions as I typed it in. And Google displayed the related keywords at the bottom of the page. So while writing my article/blog, I would include words such as food, recipes, and meal to make my content more LSI-friendly. You may also put your main keyword in the Google Auto Suggest tool to find out the related keywords. 


Search for related words 


related words

Finding related keywords is a great way identifying LSI keywords. For instance, I have typed in the word “semantics” here in the tool after which several words such as syntax, sign, spatial, and lexical came up. You can always look up the meaning of the word which you think is not suitable. These related keywords can be used throughout your new blogs or existing blog posts to increase their chances of ranking higher. 


KeywordCountry for LSI

Keywordcountry for LSI


KeywordCountry is a comprehensive tool that helps you find LSI keywords. As you can see, I’ve typed in the keyword “gold coins” above. When I press enter it shows the different related keywords which have a good search volume. For instance, “gold coins amazon”, “gold coins as investments” and the like. As shown on the right side, there are several searches for that particular keyword. So it’s a good idea to include such keywords also. On the left, you can see the suggestions which can also be considered while writing content. You will find the related words which people use often with the main keyword you have typed in. And if that sounds relevant then you can add it in your blog/article. It is a single tool that gives you a complete solution for your search for LSI keywords. Let us move on to the premium tools which are great for searching LSI keywords. 


Premium Tools for Finding LSI keywords

SEOPressor is a paid WordPress SEO plugin with stellar functionalities. Apart from having features like rich snippet support, automatic smart linking, and social SEO, it also suggests LSI keywords via Google and Bing API. It provides narrow search terms in Google so that your business can rank well. 





SEMrush is a widely used competitor keyword as well as a backlink research tool. It offers a gamut of features including related keywords and related phrases. All you need to do is to enter the main keyword in the search bar and you will find a list of insights. It has CPC, search volume, and also related keywords. So all the “phrase match keywords” and “related keywords” in the list count as the LSI keywords. And I will then pick the most relevant ones for using them in my content. 


KeywordCountry Pro

KeywordCountry Pro is a handy tool that has a variety of offerings. You can search for main keywords and LSI keywords and get access to unlimited search data. Besides LSI keywords you also get access to the search volume, CPC data, buying intent of the user, Google ad competition, and Keyword Editor. With such a comprehensive solution, you can take your business to the next level. 


Final Take

Thus, LSI keywords are your gateway towards improving your rankings and revving up your SEO game. Understanding LSI helps you in making your content more understandable for Google. However, research and relevance should also be kept in mind. 

Do you need assistance finding out the LSI keywords that will make your website rank higher? Try KeywordCountry for FREE and implement it for your business. Connect with us if you need any help. 


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