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I use Keyword Country ALL the time. It's one of my most favorite keyword mining tools, and I've got access to tons of others, some that cost thousands of dollars per month, and you guys are still kicking their asses.

Jon Fisher, Webmaster,

what's wrong with your old keyword tools?

They don't understand how real people form new keyword phrases when searching online! Their weakness is that they rely only on keyword lists or giant databases.

Did you know?

Data scientists have confirmed that 50% of keywords are missed by Google Keyword Tool? Other tools just scrape Google's autosuggest data (and other sources) into a database and hope to do a marginally better job and cover up the gap. They don't!

How we are solving this problem

KeywordCountry has harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence to get inside the minds of your customers and show you how they are actually searching online.

10x more keywords with AI

Increase your web presence and traffic by brainstorming
all humanly possible keywords that the audience in your
niche searches with (far more than Google keyword tool
or any other).

Buyers vs Window Shoppers

Only 3% visitors are ready to buy from your website. All
the rest are somewhere else in the process of research
and comparison shopping . They are still, thinking about
it. Experts call it - Buying Cycle. Know what they are
thinking and what will help them take the next step.