AI-powered Long tail Keywords Generator

Long tail keywords

What are Long-tail Keywords?


Long-tail keywords, as the name suggests, are longer and specific keyword phrases that the user either types in or enters using voice search. These keywords are often typed when the user is closer to the point of purchase. Although long tail keywords might seem counterintuitive at first, they can be immensely valuable if used right. They have a low search volume and hence lesser competition. Long-tail keywords work exceptionally well for small businesses and when you have budget constraints. 


Why are Long Tail Keywords important for SEO?

Web visitors

Almost 70% of the search traffic comes from long-tail keywords, And many of these keywords are highly targeted and specific. These targeted queries can bring in leads directly to your high-converting pages! 

ROI Growth

Adding long tail keywords on website is crucial because it attracts people who want to take action. It could be “purchasing a product” or “signing up to an email list”.


Including popular and relevant long-tail keywords helps in boosting the ROI generated by content marketing. 

Why KeywordCounty?


Billions of  Keywords from 600,000 industries

Leverage long-tail keywords to convert customers with high purchasing intent, along with data points like Search Volume, Trends, Cost-per-click and more.


AI powered Keyword Research tool

KeywordCountry works on an algorithm similar to the popular search engine algorithms, thus bringing out relevant results that will skyrocket your sales. 


Cognitive Keyword Groups

All keywords get automatically sorted into smaller keyword groups or sub-niches that exist within your industry, giving you idea of Content and Ad Campaigns that can be launched to target that audience.


Keyword list editing

So much for half cooked keyword lists that you can’t use. Get granular control of your keyword research with mass keyword editing, spinning and management tools.


Competitor Keyword Monitoring

Get alerts when your competitor start targeting new keywords or launched new landing pages for keywords they feel are important. 


AI Assisted Brainstorming

A keyword tool that is always learning and helping you brainstorm more niches relevant to your audience who would use your product or service.