AI-powered Geo-targeting Keywords Generator

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What are Geo-targeting Keywords?


Geographically targeted keywords help you figure out the location of your target audience. It is perfect for small or local businesses for coming up with the best marketing strategy. Businesses that rely on local customers, such as restaurants, beauty salons, auto repair shops and the like can benefit from it. 


Why are Geo-targeting Keywords important in SEO?


The most effective way of moving ahead in the keyword competition is to rank well by targeting location-specific keywords. For instance, it helps you rank for keywords like “best restaurants near me” or “multispeciality clinic near me”.


Such geo-targetted keywords will give you high rankings even if they aren’t the popular keyword in the market.

Landing page

Geotargeting keywords work best when you direct them to a landing page customized to your target location. 

Why KeywordCounty?


Billions of  Keywords from 600,000 industries

Access billions of geo-targeting keywords from 600,000 industries. Find keywords that your audience is typing to capture them and convert.


AI powered Keyword Research tool

KeywordCountry uses artificial intelligence to mimic the search engine algorithm, thus finding relevant geo-targeting keywords. Master your keyword game with keyword management tools, mass keyword editing, and spinning. 


Cognitive Keyword Groups

 All keywords get automatically sorted into smaller keyword groups or sub-niches that exist within your industry, giving you idea of Content and Ad Campaigns that can be launched to target that audience.


Keyword list editing

So much for half cooked keyword lists that you can’t use. Get granular control of your keyword research with mass keyword editing, spinning and management tools.


Competitor Keyword Monitoring

Get alerts when your competitor start targeting new keywords or launched new landing pages for keywords they feel are important. 


AI Assisted Brainstorming

A keyword tool that is always learning and helping you brainstorm more niches relevant to your audience who would use your product or service.