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What are Intent Targeting Keywords?

Intent keywords essentially refer to the terms customers use which indicate their likelihood of taking a specific business action. Such actions typically result in a transaction. So, the more aware you are about the intent of the user, the better conversion oriented content you can create!  These searches are pivotal as they are more likely to convert. Finding out the intent keyword is therefore very important. Here is how you can generally categorize the keywords based on its intent.


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 Intent to reach a specific page on a business website.



Intent to find out some information from a business.



Intent to purchase a product or service.

Why are Intent targeting keywords important in SEO?


Intent targeting keywords help by attracting qualified traffic which is easier to convert.

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More customers you target the more leads you generate. But besides focusing just on the numbers, you should also look at the quality of leads with intent of your content. 


For Google Ads and Bing Ads, commercial intent keywords work wonderfully. As the click-through rates are strong for such keywords, the conversion rate automatically improves! Moreover, you are less likely to waste your advertising budget. 

What makes Keyword Country the best tool for intent targeting keyword research?


Billions of  Keywords from 600,000 industries

Right from search volume and cost-per-click to the keywords trends, you get access to everything to find keywords relevant to your marketing campaigns and use cases.


AI powered Keyword Research tool

KeywordCountry is the only keyword tool backed with artificial intelligence that resembles search engine algorithms and also brainstorms untapped niches in your industry that can be profitable.


Cognitive Keyword Groups

All keywords get automatically sorted into smaller keyword groups or sub-niches that exist within your industry, giving you idea of Content and Ad Campaigns that can be launched to target that audience.


Keyword list editing

So much for half cooked keyword lists that you can’t use. Get granular control of your keyword research with mass keyword editing, spinning and management tools.


Competitor Keyword Monitoring

Get alerts when your competitor start targeting new keywords or launched new landing pages for keywords they feel are important. 


AI Assisted Brainstorming

A keyword tool that is always learning and helping you brainstorm more niches relevant to your audience who would use your product or service.