AI Powered LSI Keyword Generator

LSI keywords

What are LSI keywords?


Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is used by search engines to scan the associated words people use around a certain topic. LSI keywords are the words and phrases that are closely related to your target topic. Google’s algorithm uses LSI to gauge the content quality and relevance to a search keyword. 

Why are LSI keywords important for SEO?


They help the search engine in assessing your content and identifying related words for your primary keyword. 



Search engines such as Google want to know the context of your content and it uses semantics to do so. Semantics is a study of finding the meaning in a given language.


With semantics, Google can readily understand what the topic is about and LSI keywords are an important aspect of it. This is exactly why you need to create content that is enriched with LSI keywords.

Why KeywordCounty?


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Cognitive Keyword Groups

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Keyword list editing

So much for half cooked keyword lists that you can’t use. Get granular control of your keyword research with mass keyword editing, spinning and management tools.


Competitor Keyword Monitoring

Get alerts when your competitor start targeting new keywords or launched new landing pages for keywords they feel are important. 


AI Assisted Brainstorming

A keyword tool that is always learning and helping you brainstorm more niches relevant to your audience who would use your product or service.