Boost your Woocommerce Website Sales with Right Target Keywords

AI-powered Keyword generator Tool for Woocommerce
KeywordCountry is an AI-powered keyword research tool that learns from Google Algorithms, user intent, long-term trends and human innovation estimates. It suggests keywords that are relevant to your store and products and pulls immense traffic.

Expand Your Keyword List with

Intent based keywords

Intent Based Keywords

Keywords for the web page’s metadata or product tags that help the search engine in matching a page to the right search query.
Long tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords

Improve conversions by targeting long tail keywords which have a high buying intention and low cost.
Search volume

Search Volume

Higher search volume depicts that the topic is high in demand and users are searching for it. Including keywords with a high volume can help you increase traffic as well as conversion rates.
Keyword competition


It is crucial to know the competition for a certain keyword. Pick keywords with less competition so that you can rank higher for them.

Identifying your keyword universe

Know your niche and the root keyword for which you wish to rank and our AI-powered engine will generate keywords that helps you understand the context in which the user is typing in the enquiry. This helps you identify more potential keywords groups which you can target.

Regional research

Build topic maps for your store

A great tool for brainstorming the keywords and categorizing them into smaller lists as well as keyword groups. Build a topic map around your root keyword seamlessly.

Know the true potential of your keywords

Know how much potential your root keyword and longtail keyword has along with SEO difficulty, search volume, CTR scope and CPC for your Woocommerce website. The higher the value the better.

Regional research

Need more reasons?


Intent Oriented Keywords

With the new Google Algorithm update, intent gets precedence over volume. Get rid of the useless and half cooked keywords that you cannot use. Get good control of your keyword research with bulk keyword editing and spinning tools.


Only AI Powered Tool

KeywordCountry is the only keyword tool which uses Artificial Intelligence to replicate the search engine algorithm thus finding valuable keywords.
relevant keywords

Constantly Evolving

A keyword tool which is always changing to help you brainstorm the niches relevant to your audience so that you can leverage their potential.
unlimited keyword lists

Unlimited Keywords

Get access to unlimited keyword lists that includes related keywords for a comprehensive content that ranks better. Choose from billions of keywords for over 600,000 industries.

Easily Export Your Keyword

Export your keyword research, suggestions, and groups into well-formatted CSVs in a hassle-free manner.

Competitor Keyword Monitoring

Get alerts when your competitor start targeting new keywords or launched new landing pages for keywords they feel are important.