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Internal Optimization refers to on-page content optimization that you should take into consideration while preparing the web pages for your website. It is important to pay utmost importance to internal optimisation as you have complete control over it. Moreover, it has a direct impact on how relevant your Adsense ads are, which thereby increase the CTR of those ads.

Here are 6 key steps that can help you with Internal Optimization:


Add Meta Tags- Meta Keywords and Meta Description

When it comes to meta tags, we mean not only adding relevant meta keywords but also relevant meta description to your webpages.

Meta Keywords

While many would tell you that meta keywords have a low impact on the optimisation, we suggest you add them diligently as they directly affect how relevant the ads you get would be. So, it would be a huge mistake to not add tags/keywords to your page. These keywords should exactly convey the theme of your website. For instance, for a Food blog, some keywords would be food recipes, best foods, types of foods, etc. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for the crawlers to understand your website. Create your web page with Meta keywords. If there is NO CONTENT on your webpage, the Adsense Media bot will pick-up the Meta Tags, and show ads according to that. Search on Google for pages that top the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for the keyword you have in mind. These websites will give you a good idea about what to include in Meta Tags.

Meta Description

Meta description tag is what is the page description that appears right under the Title Text of your page in the SERPs. This property of the description meta-tag makes it quite important, as it has a direct impact over the CTR of your link in the SERPs that leads to your website. It eventually decides how much traffic you will get from a search engine. It is important that your meta description has the focus keyphrase of your webpage in it and it lucrative enough for someone to click on the link it is for.

Provide An Appropriate Title

Search Engines give importance to the keywords that appear in the title tag of HTML Source code. Therefore the title impacts the relevancy of ads too. For higher payouts, choose the highest paying keyword of that category for the title text and try to begin your title with it.

However, this entirely depends upon your optimization strategy. If you are more concerned about competition and getting more traffic than payouts, choose a keyword with low competition keyword (competition you can handle) with relatively higher traffic. Though, I will advise you to get more traffic first and become an authority page of that keyword. Payouts will increase automatically as the traffic increase.

Note: Title text generally appears in the SERPs as TITLE link to your page. In other words, you can say, this very line controls the CTR of your website link listed in SERPs. How you design your title is entirely your own decision.
If you are optimizing it for more traffic, you will not want your title to read as it was written for Search Engine crawlers. The title has to be concise so much so that even 10 words are considered as too many. If you are optimizing it for more payouts – Go ahead!

However, you can try to mix the high paying keywords with traffic pulling keywords too.

Divide Your Content Into Sections And Give Headings

It’s quite important to mark the main headline of your webpage with H1 tags and subheadings with H2 and H3 tags, and so on. This is because headings highlight and indicate the most important element of your web page – the actual content. It is important to use relevant keywords in headings and subheadings as these have a good impact on rankings – especially when sorted by relevancy. This has an equally good impact on the ads appearing on your web page. Headings give prominence to the content on your web pages.

Again, you can use these headings either to optimize for traffic, fighting competition, or getting more payouts.

Embed Keywords Within The Content

Besides hosting useful and genuine content on your web pages, it’s important to include keywords at the beginning and end of an article. This further helps search engines and Ad bots determine the theme of the web page. Good use of keywords helps Google Adsense Crawler achieve higher Ad-relevancy for your website.

Some people follow a strategy of hosting less content on a web page. This helps focus ads on specific keywords and avoids dilution of ads by other keywords that you may have mentioned even once in the web content. This works when you are optimizing for Adsense, but has some traffic drawbacks too. Furthermore, Google may consider it SPAM. Therefore, it’s never advised to host 2 or 3 lines and expect good earnings. Chances are that you will be hit by smart pricing.

On the other hand, do not make web pages too long as it might mislead Ad-bots to get some wrong ads, resulting in dilution of relevant ads. Sometimes, Ad bots can be very sticky to a certain keyword you used just for a reference. If you are getting irrelevant ads, changing meta tags and Title text is the first thing to start with, then move on to your content.

Focus On Relevant Internal Linking

Internal linking of web pages has traffic as well as Adsense importance. As all your link partners may not link all the pages of your website, it’s the responsibility of your web pages to hyperlink your other pages and define the crawlers what your pages are about. In the context of Adsense, suggesting related links (related articles) to the visitor will also increase the page views of your website and also the chances of the visitors clicking on the high paying ads.

A website must interlink its pages. This can be done by displaying related articles or linking to pages with proper anchor text. This helps increase the importance of most web pages. Even a simple navigation bar can achieve that purpose. It also helps in retaining visitors for longer duration hence decreasing bounce rate and complements SEO.

Increase The Penetration Of Your Webpage

Write articles with more heading and subheadings. This not only makes your content more readable and user-friendly but also help the Ad Bots (and Crawlers too) to properly recognize the theme of your web page. This will make them serve you the most relevant ads. This trick also gives you another chance to mention more of those keywords in your web page. Try to include as many instances where you can specify keywords to the bots. This will have an impact on your CTR and EPC. It will also help you get the targeted traffic. Target traffic will mean more CTR of your web page and better performance.