About Keyword Country

Keyword Country is a keyword research software that skims through the databases of 158+ search engines to help you find the most competitive and popular keywords for your next content marketing campaign, website, blogs, PPC campaigns, forums and more.

About Epocal Technologies, Inc.

The word “epochal” describes people, events, technologies and companies that are so important and significant that they have the power to usher in a new epoch. In other words they’re “epoch-making.”We have entered such a time and Epochal Technologies is such a company.Epochal Technologies is a young, disruptive company specializing in AI, Big Data and Data Analytics. As we identify and anticipate the future uses of AI and Big Data we build software that augments and extends human intelligence, harnesses the vast resources of global data, and helps companies make better decisions.
Our Mission

At KeywordCountry, we are trying to infuse Artificial intelligence to automate 16 types of digital marketing disciplines and re-launching KeywordCountry is one of our first steps in the direction.

Keyword Country – The Start Of NLP

Keyword Country was our first exposure to NLP (Natural Language processing). Keyword Country is an AI powered Market Analysis tool, a search engine like crawler that had the ability to crawl general web, competitor websites and more to gather 17 different data points using semantic data extraction principles.

Feel free to reach us via email at: hello@keywordcountry.com or via Live Chat icons you see around on the website.