How does the free trial works?
You get 10 FREE search queries per day with a valid email address signup. The results are however limited at times based upon the load on the server.
What does KeywordCountry do?
KeywordCountry provides web-based tools to help Internet Marketers, SEOs, Link Builders and many others find high performing keywords, build quality links and uncover the language of their market.
Where can I learn more about using this tool?
Using keyword tool is pretty straightforward these days. However, if you need more help, we are there on the chat or you can email any questions to hello@keywordcountry.com
KeywordCountry’s Money-Back Guarantee
Try KeywordCountry risk free with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If within 30 days you don't feel that the tool has brought you real value, we'll return every cent that you paid – no questions asked!
Didn’t receive a confirmation email
Sometimes our emails get caught by spam filters or similar systems. If you’ve checked these and there’s still nothing, please drop us a line at hello@keywordcountry.com (or chat with us) and we can make sure everything is working for you.
How can I cancel?
You can cancel your subscription at any time via the My Account link on the top right when you sign into the tool.   Click on the 'My Account' link and you will see a link 'Cancel this subscription’ at bottom right corner of the page to cancel the subscription. Once you do this you will not be charged again for the tool but your account will remain active for the remainder of the subscription. You can also email us (or chat with us) to request cancellation.
How can I change my card details?
It's easy to change or update your credit card details, just log in and go to My Account, scroll down to the 'Payment Method Information' section where you'll be able to enter new card details.
What payment options are available?
We accept: Credit cards or Debit cards for now. We hope to support Paypal and Bitcoins soon.
Do you offer group discounts?
We do offer group discounts. Please email hello@keywordcountry.com for details.
How is Search Volume Calculated?
KeywordCountry compiles data from a variety of sources (including Google Keyword planner tool, web crawled data and more). Search volume, no matter from where it is sourced, tends to be tentative and accuracy of any source is debatable. However, search volume data needs to be taken
What does it mean when a keyword has ‘No Data’ for its volume?
It just means that we were not able to retrieve its data for you from our current methodologies and resources. Search volume, no matter from where it is sourced, tends to be tentative and accuracy of any source is debatable, which is why, search volume data needs to be taken as indicative that helps you decide which keywords / niches / concepts to go for and start designing a campaign around.
What are the differences between Light, Power, Super, Team, Enterprise plans?
We wanted to create a pricing that works for everyone. Unlike other tools, we felt that it is not right on our part to limit your marketing with number of results. So, every plan is designed to yield unlimited results and explore as many keywords as there might be in a niche.   Light plan is designed for someone who is just getting started or needs keyword research only once in a while. The plan is limited to 30 searches in a month (total of 30 seed keywords) and yield unlimited results based upon your query. ‘Power’ is for someone who is getting hang of internet marketing and may need more queries per month (limited to 100 queries / mo). ‘Super’ comes with unlimited queries / month, however we do understand that agencies / companies require to access it on more than one machine. So, we created a plan for Teams as well.