Artificial Intelligence powered

Keyword Research on steroids

Get more buyers, readership and fans with 10x more keywords than Keyword Planner, Autosuggest or other tools.

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  • 10x keywords with deep Keyword Research
  • Grouped into Ready-to-go Concepts
  • Keyword lists you can ACTUALLY USE


What's wrong with your old keyword tools?

Data scientists have confirmed that 50% of keywords are missed by Google Keyword Tool. Other tools just scrape Google's autosuggest data (and other sources) into a database and hope to do a marginally better job and cover up the gap. They don't!

How we are solving this problem

KeywordCountry has harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence to get inside the minds of your customers and show you how they are actually searching online.
  • 10x keywords with Deeper Digging
    KeywordCountry (Beta 1.0) monitors 158+ search engines worldwide and digs deeper into your niche to get keywords that accurately capture users' search behaviour online.
  • Keyword lists Concepts that save time
    After generating huge keyword lists, it slices and dices the data into useable concept groups that you can use directly into your marketing campaigns (content, ppc, seo etc).
  • Keyword that you would ACTUALLY USE
    No junk keywords will make it to the list - we promise! Only the most relevant keywords will be added to your list; the rest will be filtered out by the smart AI filters in KeywordCountry.


Keyword Country is the most complete tool on the market. Whether you work with SEO, AdSense or PPC, it will get the job done. I started using it some months ago and I can say that I am set as far as keyword research goes.

Daniel Scocco, Expert Blogger,

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